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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Our local park has a rocking horse but the council are worried it is old and are talking of removing it. What can we do?

A. Take inspiration from all the individuals, parish councils and schools shown in our photo gallery and RESTORE it! Sadly, the manufacturers themselves may not always be keen to do the restoration. Most of the succesful restorations reported to us have been done by competent local builders using common sense and ingenuity. Find a local organisation like the Lions or Rotary and ask them for their support - they may be happy to help a local 'good cause' and may even know someone who would do the work. Whatever happens dont let them scrap the horse. As an absolute last resort there are two other less desirable options 1. Have the horse fitted as a static fixture, which doesnt rock. 2. Sell it to someone locally who would like to put it in their garden, school, nursery, community centre or sports club. You can see examples of all these options in the photo gallery. Feel free to contact us here for advice via the 'Contact Us' page.

Q.  This site seems to only talk about the big old multi-seat rocking horses. What about the modern 'ponies on a spring'  little rockers that are found in lots of playgrounds now.

A. Thats right. Lets not take any of this too seriously. It is just a bit of nostalgic fun. But it seems to me that the modern individual horses are not nearly as good play value as the old Wicksteed models. They dont move very much (especially with small children); they offer solitary play (only one at a time); and they really are a bit dull.

Q. Where can I find a traditional playground rocking horse near me?

A. Thats the problem. We would like to create a map/list of all the surviving horses. Not all are old relics - Wicksteed Ltd., GL Jones and Yates Playground's still build and supply the modern version to public parks. If you know where a surviving horse lives please use the 'Contact Us' page to let us know. If you have a picture that's even better. Use the Contact Us form and we'll tell you how to send it in and have it shown in the photo gallery.


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